Zai Boutique – Sharq Village Qatar

Following the triumphant launch of Villa Moda in Qatar,

Retail is Details sustained its impactful consultancy collaboration with Prime Labels company, venturing into the creation of the exquisite multi-brand Zai Boutique.

The collaborative journey extended from the conceptualization phase, where Retail is Details played a pivotal role in selecting the evocative name 'ZAI' for the store, to the meticulous design of the logo, sales materials, and packaging, ensuring a cohesive and captivating brand identity.

The consultancy partnership further extended to the creation of the store concept, with Retail is Details contributing to the development of a unique and luxurious environment that would house an exclusive array of high-end brands.

The engagement culminated in the performance of seasonal buying for all brands, as well as the strategic merchandising of the store, resulting in the grand opening of ZAI Boutique in 2005.

This state-of-the-art luxury store quickly garnered the attention of the majority of Qatar's discerning luxury clientele, establishing itself as a distinguished and sought-after destination in the country's flourishing luxury retail landscape.

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