Villa Moda – Qatar

In 2003, Retail is Details embarked on a transformative consultancy journey with Prime Labels company in Doha, Qatar,

as they secured the coveted franchise rights for the prestigious Kuwaiti-based Villa Moda department store.

This venture marked a significant milestone for Qatar's luxury retail landscape, as Villa Moda housed an unparalleled collection of the most esteemed fashion brands, including GUCCI, PRADA, DOLCE and GABBANA, VALENTINO, among others.

The Retail is Details team worked collaboratively with Prime Labels team, guiding them through the intricate process from franchise agreement signing to the meticulous selection of seasonal collections from each brand.

The first Villa Moda store, spanning over 500 square meters and situated in the lobby retail area of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Doha, was a state-of-the-art retail environment that set new standards for luxury shopping in the country.

The Villa Moda concept not only revolutionized the luxury retail market in Qatar but also drew the attention of the international luxury market to the untapped potential of Qatar. The success of the store opened the floodgates for international brands eager to explore and establish their presence in the thriving Qatari market, making Villa Moda a trailblazer in the evolution of luxury retail in the country.

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