Quiksilver Qatar

In 2001, the iconic Quiksilver surfing clothing brand made its splash in Qatar, marking a significant milestone in the country's retail landscape.

The introduction of Quiksilver to Qatar was not just about bringing premium surfing apparel to the market but also a testament to the strategic guidance provided by Retail Is Details.

Collaborating closely with Prime Labels, Retail Is Details played a pivotal role in securing the coveted Quiksilver franchise rights, navigating the complexities of the process with finesse. The first Quiksilver store in Qatar, located in City Center Doha Mall, opened its doors in 2001, showcasing a blend of coastal lifestyle and high-quality sportswear. Under the continued consultancy of Retail Is Details, two additional stores were established in Villagio Mall in 2005 and Doha Festival City Mall in 2020, expanding the brand's presence and solidifying its status as a go-to destination for surf-inspired fashion.

The success of Quiksilver in Qatar stands as a testament to the strategic partnership between Retail Is Details and Prime Labels, exemplifying how meticulous planning and retail expertise can transform a brand into a thriving retail phenomenon.

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