Silver Café Qatar

The collaborative efforts between Retail is Details Company and Prime Labels Company bore fruit with the launch of the innovative Silver Cafe in Doha, Qatar.

This venture exemplifies a holistic approach to cafe branding, from the initial stages to the immersive interior concepts.

The name 'Silver Cafe' was strategically chosen to evoke sophistication and seamlessly align with the envisioned brand identity. Prime Labels, in consultation with Retail is Details, played a pivotal role in crafting a visually cohesive brand through meticulous branding design, ensuring that every material used within the cafe adhered to the brand's visual language.

. The first branch, inspired by the illustrious history of Mercedes Benz, was adorned with elements reflecting the elegance and innovation synonymous with the iconic automotive brand. In contrast, the second branch, dedicated to the rich tapestry of sports history, featured thematic interior decor that engaged patrons in the dynamic stories of various athletic disciplines. The collaboration between Prime Labels Company and Retail Is Details successfully translated a vision into reality, transforming Silver Cafe into a captivating destination where branding, ambiance, and thematic design harmoniously converge to offer a unique and immersive experience in the heart of Doha.

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